Activities at the Barnet Tradepost

In 2008, we completed construction on the "Annex" to the Barnet Tradepost. The Tradepost Annex is a separate building located to the rear of the main Tradepost Building. The upper level of the Annex offers an inviting, spacious room overlooking the river valley that provides an ideal space for our classes and practices in Yoga, Tai Chi, Kyudo and Swordplay.

In early 2010, we introduced the BTWC "Extension", which is located immediately adjacent to the Barnet Tradepost. In addition to treatment rooms, the expansion offers additional space for Fine Arts classes and meetings.

Monthly Calendars of Activities & Events

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Tai Chi Chuan "Wu" Style

with Jack Stewart

This is an ongoing practice; all levels practice together. Beginners welcome!

Suggested donation $10 to $20 per class.

Private classes available on request. Fee is $20 per session.

For more information, please contact Jack Stewart at 802-633-2700 x4 or e-mail the Barnet Tradepost.

Kyudo (Zen Archery)

with Jack and Lj Stewart

Kyudo Practice at the Barnet Tradepost Annex.

Beginning Kyudo instruction requires no special skill or physical strength. All equipment is provided for Kyudo classes.

Kyudo fees: Beginners (6 class commitment) $180; after initial Beginner stage fee is $10 per class if using own equipment, $15 if using class equipment; private classes are $20

To learn more about Kyudo, please visit the website of Vermont Kyudo.

For more information, contact Jack or Lj Stewart at 802-633-2700 or e-mail the Barnet Tradepost.


with Jack Stewart

Suggested donation $10 to $20 per class. Private sessions are $20.

For more information or to reserve a space, please contact Jack Stewart at 802-633-2700 x4 or e-mail the Barnet Tradepost.

Fine Arts Instruction

with Jack Stewart

Classes are tailored to the needs of the individual student.

Class fees vary according to medium (materials fee and firing charges for clay) and number of classes in each series.

Contact Jack Stewart at 802-633-2700 x4 or e-mail the Barnet Tradepost.


with Cathy Smith, Certified NIA Instructor

nia class with cathy smith at barnet tradepost wellness center

Nia is neuromuscular integrated action, non-impact aerobic and in Swahili means "attention". Nia involves dancing with attention, awareness and presence in the here and now resulting in Joy!

Nia class uses very simple steps to great world music, adds some kicks, punches, knee lifts, lots of arms up, out and around, hip slides, ribcage rolls, shoulder shakes and stretches at closing. Nia is nonjudgemental, lubricates all the joints and is cardiovascular without impact. You move to great rhythms for an hour without stopping - YOUR body's way! Nia is great for anyone of any age and is fantastic for midlife and older women. It's hard to describe, totally fun and uplifting!

$10 per class